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a bit about me

I'm a "tradigital" illustrator, using new technology to create my own 'classic' style.
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Because of my experience working for children's educational software and PC game companies in the 80s and 90s, I was one of the first children's books illustrators to go nearly completely digital.  I use several different types of graphic software in my workflow, because I haven't found one program that excels in every digital medium.

I normally sketch digitally, using Clip Studio Paint. To me, it feels the most like natural drawing. Also, the EX version of the software is built for creating Manga pages. CSP has the ability to see all your pages as thumbnails, which work equally well for setting up a picture book. For oil or pastel style, I've recently switched started using an excellent (and extremely reasonably priced) artist-developed program called Paintstorm Studio. For digital watercolor, Rebelle is my go-to, but I'm also a big fan of Xpresii, an organic, Eastern style watercolor program.

I also enjoy sculpting with the 3D software, Zbrush, as well using air dry and polymer clays to make OOAK art dolls.

My past and present publishing clients include dozens of businesses like children's educational companies Pearson, National Geographic, and Houghton Mifflin, children's magazines like Cricket, Highlights,
and The Children's Better Heath Institute, and trade publishers like Scholastic, Gallup, Boyds Mills Press, Flashlight Press and Clarion Books.

I've recently moved to California's central valley from the SF Bay Area.


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